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The Wind Demon Within Me

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What little I could read of this, I believe there is demonic activity but I know nothing about “wind demon.” I met a family who had demonic activity in their home. They were from the RLDS (now known as the Community of Christ church in Independence, MO. The woman from the home had an exorcist done. I thought that was wacky. Her husband told me other strange things that happened and I believe they could have very well been demon possessed but I do not think demons leave just because you do some hocus pocus stuff to rid your home of it. This is interesting. How do I get a copy of this book? 

The Wind Demon Within Me: The True Story of One Woman’s Lifelong Battle With Demonic Possession After Becoming a Jehovah’s Witness

Front Cover
AuthorHouse, 2008 – Body, Mind & Spirit260 pages
One woman alone, two children and a mysterious illness with a strange mix of symtoms that never seems to go away, this along with demonic activity in every house they live in all ensuing after becoming Jehovah’s Witnesses. What begins as a mother’s relentless search for help to fix her ailing son uncovers little by little what turns out to really be a case of demonic possession. This journey unfolds into even more realizations by the discovery of a firghtening world that exists around us and sometimes in us that is capable of the destruction of lives of the innocent. Even more than that was the discovery of the criminal minds manipulating these worlds to purposely destroy people and families that are targeted for destruction.